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Rich traditions and integrated business development are the keys to success. Aschersleben convinces with the following:
• central location in Germany and Europe, proximity to the Eastern European market
• highly-motivated and highly-qualified staff
• flexible and efficient administration as well as decisive town council
• open and modern atmosphere in a growing urban environment
• optimal conditions for your investment through subsidies from the program  “Gemeinschaftsaufgabe Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur” (“Common Task: Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure”)
• Aschersleben is a center of modern non-woven fabric production
• Aschersleben has a very high export quota (39%)

The developed and well-structured industry and trade locations (Güstener Straße, Zornitzer Weg, Junkersfeld and business park Winningen) with modern forms of energy and communication networks are very well-connected to the road, railway and air traffic network:
• The motorway Nordharzautobahn A36 (former B6n) is the shortest route from Aschersleben to A14 (directions Berlin and Dresden), via the Harz through A395 (direction Braunschweig/Hannover) and A7 (directions Hamburg and Kassel)
• The route to the international airport Halle/Leipzig is 75 km (47 miles), a 45-minute drive

Invest here!

The economic development of the town Aschersleben offers you optimal service for your investment:
• Consultation and support in issuing subsidy applications for all institutions from the Investitionsbank to the Ministry of Economy
• Organization and support in measures related to vocational and further training, also in cooperation with the educational institutions of the town
• Sharing of contact data of the regional and national businesses, banks and institutions
• Support during the approval procedures through authorities up to BImSch- and 4-shifts approval
• Advantageous prices for gas, electricity and water supply as well as waste water disposal
• Lucrative prices for plots of land. The plots of land are provided according to demand.
• Guidance and help in all questions about accommodation, education, free time and culture in Aschersleben for you, your family and your staff
• Counselling of business start-ups

Contact person: Matthias May

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