Invest in Aschersleben!

Aschersleben is a modern, innovative industrial and business location in the heart of Central Germany. Special mechanical engineering, industry for the production of composite materials, steel and mechanical engineering, building materials industry and medical technology as well as logistics are the most influential sectors in the industrial and commercial areas of the city. Companies from Germany, China, Italy, South Africa, the USA and Kazakhstan have found optimal conditions for production and sales in Aschersleben.

Bild vergrößern: Industriegebiet Zornitzer Weg_Bild 1
Industriegebiet Zornitzer Weg / industrial area "Zornitzer Weg"
Bild vergrößern: Industriegebiet Zornitzer Weg_Bild 2
Industriegebiet Zornitzer Weg / industrial area "Zornitzer Weg"
Bild vergrößern: Übersichtsplan IG Zornitzer Weg
Übersichtsplan Industriegebiet Zornitzer Weg / overview plan industrial area "Zornitzer Weg"

The industrial and commercial areas, in particular the "Zornitzer Weg" industrial area, have excellent transport links to all major economic regions in Germany and Europe with a direct connection to the A 36 North Harz motorway and the A 14 motorway, which is only a few minutes’ drive away.

Bild vergrößern: GG Güstener Str.
Gewerbegebiet Güstener Straße /industrial estate "Güstener Straße"
Bild vergrößern: IG Junkersfeld
Industriegebiet Junkersfeld / industrial area "Junkersfeld"

Industrial estate « Zornitzer Weg»

Aschersleben is convincing

• The central location

• Excellent road, rail and air links

• Highly-qualified workforce

• Subsidies from the joint scheme for improving the regional economic structure

• Centre of modern, innovative industries

• Best educational offers

• High export rate (39 percent)

• Developed, well-structured industrial and commercial locations

Optimal service

Among others, we support, accompany and organize on the following topics:

• Grant applications

• Job-related education, training courses and further education

• Contact mediation to authorities, service providers and suppliers

• Approval procedures

• Offers for energy, water and sewage from city-owned utilities

• Sale of urban commercial and industrial space

Municipal services